How to apply

How to apply for scholarships from a foreign country

Dreaming of going to college in the United States? There are plenty of ways to get a scholarship, even if you’re not a U.S. citizen. Whether you’re preparing to attend graduate school, you’re a new immigrant, or you are a returning student, there’s scholarship aid available.


1. Remember that you should never be asked to pay when searching or applying for scholarships. Search engines and applications should never ask for financial information, especially a credit card number. Scholarship Experts is a great search engine that’s free to use, and there’s even a search just for international students.

2. If you have a college in mind, contact them to find out about their financial aid, including scholarships. Most Financial Aid departments will know of scholarship opportunities particularly for international students.

3. Use EducationUSA to research scholarship opportunities. This service, which is provided by the United States Department of State, along with the Institute of International Education, has a lot of information for international students. The financial aid opportunities list is regularly updated and there’s a guide to advising centers throughout the world. In these centers, you can meet with experts who will help you find schools and translate information.

4. Visit, which has information for international students. You’ll learn about applying to colleges and getting a student visa, among other helpful information.

5. If you’re going to move to the U.S. before attending college, look into the colleges in the state you’ll be moving to. Often, state residents pay less than out-of-state students. You’ll need to establish residency in the state in order to take advantage of the lower tuition.

For students who are born outside the U.S., scholarships can be invaluable when it comes to achieving education goals.